Sanoya Lab

Sanoya Lab are the best in the world.

Why is it worth choosing us?

Attractive price

Attractive price is a relative concept. Moreover, Sanoya Lab as an interactive agency, offers high quality services while maintaining very competitive prices. On the other hand, with longer cooperation, we can also offer discounts for regular customers.

Individual approach to your needs

We are a small interactive agency, which is why each of our clients is treated individually. As a result, we will treat your order with the utmost care so that your company is 100% satisfied.

Simple conditions of cooperation

Simple solutions are the best. In other words, thanks to transparent and simple procedures, your order will be processed without any problems. Most importantly we are sure that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

Prices from $990

We design modern and fully responsive websites, adapted to all mobile devices. Above all, we make them based on one of the best CMS in the world – WordPress.In other words, you can enjoy the modern website, investing relatively good money. Most importantly is that our websites are friendly to Google search engines, so your Google’s position will also increase! After that, you get a 6-month warranty at a price. Beautiful, right?

Prices from $1990

We also create profitable online stores based on the woocommerce platform. Why exactly this system? The answer is very simple. It is the most extensive, yet transparent and easy to use online store system. The number of additions, extensions and integration is so much that 99% of the things you would like to have in your store are possible to do in the woocommerce. We’re sure!

Prices from $60 per month

Each website (and above all, every online store) requires regular updates. Thanks to them, your website will be safe for users, and Google will rank your site higher. Un-updated websites are a great opportunity to steal personal data, install malicious software or even unfriendly redirects to malicious websites. Our company offers a website service at an attractive price, thanks to which your website will always be updated and will work properly.

Prices from $400

If you already have an website and you would like to increase conversion, optimization is the perfect service for you. We professionally deal with technical optimization, thanks to which your website will load faster. This will increase your conversion. In addition, we improve shopping paths and make it easier for users to navigate in the store. But most importantly, we protect websites against DDoS or Brute Force attacks.

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