If you are looking for a proven and effective solution for Your online store – you’ve come to the right place. In other words, Woocommerce is one of the best systems for ecommerce stores!

Why is it worth choosing Woocommerce?

Full range of personalization

Unlimited personalization means that your online store will look exactly the way you want it to. To sum up – limit is your imagination.

Integration with other software

A huge number of integration with dispatch systems, payment systems or accounting systems makes woocommerce a highly automated ecommerce stores.

Thousands of plugins increasing sales

Increase sales with thousands of plugins. For instance additional promotions, loyalty programs, or proposals for related products are just the beginning.

Global sales

It does not matter where you sell. This is to say that Your clients can be people from all over the world who pay in different currencies.

Simple to use for everyone

It is very easy to use. For example, everyone can handle order processing, warehouse management, etc. without any problem.

SEO Friendly

Good optimization for Google search is one of the advantages of woocommerce. As a result, your ecommerce stores will be easier to find online.

Reasons why you need a new online store

Store must be attractive.

Ecommerce stores must be attractive

An attractive store is half the success on the internet. Moreover customers definitely prefer shopping in modern websites. We will make sure that your store is always on time, thanks to which your sales will increase.

Automating order fulfillment means savings

Thanks to the automated ecomerrce stores you can save valuable time and money. By the way, you will also shorten the time needed to complete the order. To clarify – everyone wins, you and the clients.
Store must be automated.
Store must be quick and easy to use.

Customers like quick and easy ecommerce stores

Nobody likes to wait. Above all, fast site operation, simplicity of order processing, or many payment methods are the priority of a profitable store, which you should focus on.

Possible integrations with woocommerce​​

It is the most extensive system of ecommerce stores. Thanks to many integrations, it becomes even more useful. In conclusion, we are sure that what you are looking for is in the woocommerce.

Payment operators

Courier services

CRM plugins

Plugins for
increasing sales

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Take a look at the process of designing ecommerce stores by our company

Building a website is a multi-stage process. To clarify, below are the stages of cooperation between Your company and us. As a result, it will be easier to imagine what the whole process looks like.

The first step to start our cooperation is signing the contract. You will receive the contract by email and you will be able to sign it within seconds. Thanks to the contract, our cooperation will run smoothly.

Building a new website is a real challenge. For this reason, we always ask you to give us a 30% deposit for our cooperation. You make the advance payment to our US bank account. You have 3 days for this from the date of signing the contract.

You have to make the purchase of hosting and domains yourself, because your company will be their official owner. But don’t worry, we’ll send you a link to get you professional hosting at the best possible price.

We are starting to create your future website! You will receive a preliminary design within 7 days of purchasing your hosting. You will be able to evaluate it and show us what you would like to change. 

After 3 days of reporting these changes, you will receive a corrected version of your website and you will be able to report again if you would like to change anything else. In short, you have 2 revision deadlines that will make your website look really what you want it to be.

After another 3 days the project is ready! The time has come to officially launch the website on your server and launch ads that will attract new customers. Before we launch the website and advertisements, we will ask you to make the final payment for the project.

We will optimize your ads and landing pages within 7 days. Thanks to this, the cost of acquiring the customer will be lower and the ads will reach more users.

You receive from us all documentation, the scope of work performed, a check-list and a list of passwords. However, if there is any problem, you have 6 months warranty! After this period, you can purchase additional paid care for your website.

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Why is it worth choosing us?


A well-written work schedule greatly simplifies the work, so it also guarantees the deadline for completing the project.


Each professional site design must have documentation. For example, it will make it easier to work later when implementing the necessary changes.


Each of our projects is carried out with 100% commitment. In other words, all customers are satisfied with our services.

Individual theme

Your site will be one of a kind. We create a theme for every client from scratch. Thanks to this your website will load very quickly.

The most important functionalities of the ecommerce stores

Woocommerce has many advantages. As a result, it is one of the most popular systems for managing ecommerce stores. To sum up – below we present the most important advantages of this system.


Rarely, when an online store is both so easy to use and thus technically advanced. To clarify – Woocommerce, despite its simplicity, will provide comprehensive service to your store. You do not need more applications or programs. For instance, Woocoomerce offers:
►Module for issuing receipts and invoices.
►Warehouse module.
►Module for courier shipments.
►Module for customer relationship management


Dropshipping has recently become very popular. Fortunately, woocommerce most probably offers integration with all available dropshipping systems! For example, Your store can be combined with such companies as Chinabrands, Amazon or Aliexpress! Most importantly, they are very stable, safe and proven integrations. In short – woocommerce is simply created for dropshipping!


It does not matter if you work in the B2C sector or B2B. For each of them woocommerce offers various types of discounting systems. Firstly, it can be standard time-type rebates with a certain percentage discount. They can also be promotions only for given product categories. On the other hand, we have individual discounts. Eg assigned to a specific user or company. However, what is the most important is that you can still use 2 + 1 promotions, or the more products you buy, the more you will get a discount. In other words – there is no limit to the configuration of the promotion system.


Many ecommerce stores management systems unfortunately do not have a dedicated website and blog. As a result, the company must create a website and blog separately, which generates additional costs and is not SEO-friendly. Fortunately, Woocommerce is entirely based on WordPress. Therefore, Your online store, website and blog are connected and available in one domain!


Repetitive processes can, fortunately, be easily automated, so that human participation in their performance is as small as possible. The creators of Woocommerce came out of the same assumption. Consequently, many processes take place totally without human intervention! As a result, this naturally generates savings in time and money.


Analysis of sales in the online store is an obvious necessity. However, often the analysis systems are too complicated and users without many hours of training are not able to draw conclusions from the sales history. Moreover, the analysis is often not used at all. The module of analytics in woocommerce is fortunately very transparent, so most people will be able to use it without any problem.


Do you employ many employees? No problem! Each of them can be given individual access to store management! For example, you can block the possibility of issuing invoices to one of the employees, for it to give him access to replenish stock levels. In conclusion – here you also have a wide configuration option. Woocoommerce is very flexible!

Frequently asked questions about ecommerce stores

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our clients. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please click here and send us a message.

The duration of each project can vary significantly. It depdens on many factors such as:

  • Number of products, variants, attributes
  • Amounts of additional plugins
  • Length of product descriptions that must be applied to SEO
  • The number of photos and graphics that need to be optimized

We need to wait about 10-14 business days to create a relatively simple online store. In other words, the more advanced the project, the longer the execution time. On the other hand, a lot depends also on the cooperation between our company and the client. For example, we happen to finish an advanced project with in 7-8 business days. However, the optimal execution time for larger projects is 20-30 days. Despite everything, remember that each project is different and its implementation time is different.

Contact us to check the price of the online store

The start date of works on a given project depends on the number of currently serviced clients. As a result, it happens that sometimes our clients are forced to wait 2-3 weeks before we start their project. However, such situations are rather rare, because in such moments we simply stay longer at work.

In conclusion, usually we start customer projects right away. In the situation that it will not be possible to inform you before signing the contract.

As in the case of execution time, the cost of building a online store depends primarily on the number of products, variants, the advancement of the technology included and the length of product descriptions to be processed into SEO. For instance, the price for the basic ecommerce store  is $1990. Each supplement is additionally counted. Moreover, there is no simple answer to this question, because each project is different. For this reason, please send an individual inquiry. After that we will then send you a quote.

We create various types of stores. As a result, the store industry is not important. What’s more, we are very flexible in terms of the selection of appropriate tools, a good example is the implementation of the drop shipping module to the store of one of our last clients. In short – we’re doing all the stores, maybe except the illegal ones 🙂

Learn about the possible integration of the woocommerce system

Yes of course! Firstly, each of our projects is covered by a 12-month warranty. As a result, during this period any update or error repair will be carried out completely free. Secondly, after this period you will be able to purchase an additional service package, based on the same principles. Certainly, we will not leave you alone!

Woocommerce is so flexible and has all the features of a good store that there is no need to look for other solutions. Moreover, we can confidently say that there are no better solutions! In other words, we only do online stores based on the woocommerce platform.

See why it’s worth to work with us

We make sure that you are satisfied with our services. Therefore, as one of the few, we attach documentation to each project, thanks to which it will be easier to work on changes in the project. The documentation consists of:

  • Cooperation agreement.
  • Project specification, containing the most important technical aspects of the website.
  • A document specifying the subject and design of content blocks with descriptions
  • Work schedule.
  • List of passwords used in the project.
  • List of fonts and colors.
  • A document specifying the final test of a online store with a checklist.

In short, we want you to know that we do our job professionally, not amateurishly!

It can be said that there are practically no restrictions. Unless you plan to build an online store tailored to Amazon 🙂 The great advantage of woocommerce is that you can offer the same product in different variants, even with 2-3 variables. For example, you can offer a T-shirt in various colors and sizes. As a result, the customer will see this as one product and on one product card will be able to configure the product.

Yes of course. Thanks to this, your store will be more transparent and friendly to the customer! Consequently, customers will certainly appreciate and increase the degree of conversion of Your business!

Learn the most important advantages of woocommerce

You will be able to add products without the slightest problem. Moreover, you will receive a special video guide from us, thanks to which you will get to know the mechanics of the shop based on woocommerce very quickly. On the other hand, if you do not want to add products yourself – no problem, we will do it for you.

Handling orders and their implementation should not create big problems for you. However, also here, we have prepared specially videos that will help you quickly learn how to use the store.

Yes, this service can be added to the order, its price depends on the amount of work. Usually, we do it for free, but only in cases when the photos are initially ready. For example, when they only require minor changes and modifications.

It depends on what software your store is currently running. However, at 90% it is possible to transfer your store to the Woocommerce platform without a big problem. Moreover, we will most likely even transfer product data, etc.

Do you want to learn more about woocommerce?